Mikhulu’s Transformation

The Mikhulu Child Development Trust promotes parents as being their young children’s first and best teachers. Through our work, we are contributing to the development of a systemic approach where support for parents is part of a holistic ECD ecosystem, and they are supported to do the best for their young children.

  • Date: April 2022
  • Client: Kaathima Ebrahim
  • Category: Website Design
  • Project: Web Design
  • Collaborators: Surefire Communications

Client Overview

Mikhulu, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the community, faced a challenge with their outdated WIX website. To enhance their online presence and improve user experience, they decided to revamp their website. Opting for WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS) of choice, they sought the expertise of NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications.

Project Scope and Approach

Mikhulu approached NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications to redesign their website while retaining most of the existing design elements. NSDigital Consulting was tasked with building the new WordPress-based website, ensuring it was modern, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive. Simultaneously, Surefire Communications took charge of updating the website’s branding and content, aligning them with Mikhulu’s mission and vision.


The project commenced before October 2021, with a clear vision of the website’s objectives and improvements. The teams collaborated efficiently to meet milestones, and after months of hard work and dedication, the project was finalized in April 2022.

Outcomes and Achievements

The successful collaboration between NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications resulted in an impressive transformation for Mikhulu. The new WordPress website proved to be a significant improvement over the outdated WIX site, offering a seamless browsing experience to visitors. The revamped design was fresh, modern, and aesthetically pleasing, complementing Mikhulu’s brand identity.

The user-friendly interface made it easier for Mikhulu’s audience to navigate through the site, access information, and engage with the organization’s initiatives. The improved content, overseen by Surefire Communications, effectively conveyed Mikhulu’s message, attracting more attention to their cause and inspiring potential donors and volunteers to get involved.

Mikhulu before
mikhulu desktop scaled

Ongoing Progress

As of the writing of this case study, Mikhulu continues to update and expand its website with more valuable content. The new website serves as a robust platform for the organization to share updates, success stories, and upcoming events, fostering a stronger bond with their audience and community.


the collaboration between NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications played a crucial role in elevating Mikhulu’s online presence and impact. The transformation from an outdated WIX website to a client-friendly WordPress platform empowered Mikhulu to reach more people, inspire change, and create a lasting positive effect on the community they serve.

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