Earthchild Project

The Earthchild Project is a Non-Profit Organisation operating in the Western Cape, South Africa. We offer complimentary education to under-resourced schools with a focus on the environment, health, self-development and leadership.

  • Date: July 2023
  • Client: Earthchild Project
  • Category: Website Redesign
  • Project: Web Design
  • Collaborators: Surefire Communications

Client Background

Earthchild Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing environmental and life skills education to underprivileged children. With a mission to create a sustainable future, Earthchild Project sought to enhance its online presence by revamping its website and engaging in a strategic social media campaign.

The Challenge

The existing Earthchild Project website suffered from an outdated theme, design issues, and stagnant content. Recognizing the need for a fresh and user-friendly interface, the organization aimed to modernize its online platform to better convey its message and connect with its audience.

The Solution

Earthchild Project enlisted the expertise of NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications, both reputable partners in their respective fields. NSDigital Consulting took charge of the website redesign, implementing an updated design and seamlessly integrating new content. The collaboration ensured that the website not only looked cleaner and more appealing but also provided a user-friendly experience.


The project commenced in late May 2023. NSDigital Consulting efficiently executed the redesign, incorporating Earthchild Project’s vision and values. The revamped website, complete with new content, was launched in August 2023. To generate excitement and drive traffic, the client requested a Social Media campaign.


The collaboration between Earthchild Project, NSDigital Consulting, and Surefire Communications yielded remarkable outcomes. The new website design and updated content transformed the organization’s online identity, making it more inviting and intuitive. The successful Social Media campaign amplified the impact of the website launch, drawing increased traffic and engagement.

ecp new scaled

Future Outlook

As of writing this case study, Earthchild Project continues to add more content to its website, keeping its audience engaged and informed. The collaboration between NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications serves as a testament to the power of expertise and partnership in achieving digital transformation.

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