Frame45 – Empowering Collaboration through Web Design

Nestled between performance, film, composition, and exhibition, You Will Find Your People Here is a collaborative, interdisciplinary work by pianist Mareli Stolp (South Africa), sociologist Caroline Wanjiku Kihato (Kenya), composer Clare Loveday (South Africa), and artist Awo Tsegah (Ghana).

Client Profile

Frame45 is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting collaboration and community building. They envisioned a project named “You will find your people here,” with the aim of bringing like-minded individuals together and fostering a sense of belonging and support. To achieve this, they recognized the need for a well-designed website that would serve as a platform for showcasing their collaborative project.

The Collaboration Process

In May 2023, Frame45 engaged the services of NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications to bring their vision to life. NSDigital Consulting, known for its expertise in web development, was entrusted with building the website, while Surefire Communications, a creative agency specializing in design and wireframes, took charge of the website’s visual elements.

Collaborative Timeline

The project kicked off  with both NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications working hand in hand to deliver a comprehensive and compelling website for Frame45. The timeline was tight, and the teams had to be efficient and coordinated to meet the deadline.

Design and Development

Surefire Communications began by crafting a modern, sophisticated design that resonated with Frame45’s mission and values. They took a user-centric approach, ensuring that the website’s interface was intuitive and user-friendly. This involved creating wireframes, selecting a color palette, and designing graphics that conveyed the essence of the collaboration project.

Meanwhile, NSDigital Consulting focused on translating the approved design into a fully functional website. They employed the latest web development technologies and ensured the site was optimized for various devices and browsers. This collaborative effort resulted in a seamless integration of design and functionality, providing an exceptional user experience.

Final Outcome

The collaborative effort of NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications culminated in the successful delivery of the “You will find your people here” website by December 2022. The website showcased a clean and modern design that aligned perfectly with Frame45’s vision. It allowed users to navigate effortlessly through the platform, connecting with like-minded individuals and forming meaningful collaborations.

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The Frame45 case study demonstrates the power of collaboration between specialized agencies to achieve a common goal. By entrusting web development to NSDigital Consulting and design to Surefire Communications, Frame45 ensured that each aspect of their website was handled by experts in their respective fields. The result was a polished, user-friendly, and visually appealing platform that facilitated collaboration and community-building effectively.

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