Cancercare Website Revamp

CancerCare is the leading provider of integrated oncology care in the Western and Eastern Cape. The company is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of cancer care and management in South Africa.

  • Date: March 2023
  • Client: Hanif Hamdulay
  • Category: Website Redesign
  • Project: Web Design

Client Overview

Cancercare, a prominent player in the medical industry, offers vital services to individuals and families impacted by cancer. However, they faced a pressing issue with an outdated WordPress website that was not compatible with the latest version of PHP. The website’s frequent crashes led to user dissatisfaction and embarrassment for the client, as users alerted them about the problems.

Client’s Needs

Recognizing the critical nature of their digital presence, Cancercare sought the expertise of NSDigital Consulting to address the website’s compatibility and stability issues. The client desired a complete rebuild of the website using a more reliable theme, while also updating their branding and content. However, they wanted to maintain most of the original design until further notice.

NSDigital Consulting’s Approach

NSDigital Consulting adopted a tailored approach to fulfill Cancercare’s specific requirements. Understanding the significance of continuity in design, I carefully rebuilt the website while preserving its original look and feel. This approach ensured that users would experience familiarity and ease of navigation despite the updates.

Project Timeline

Despite the challenges posed by the Festive season and important business commitments that the client was engaged in, the project commenced the beginning of December 2022 and successfully concluded with the website’s launch in March 2023. The efficient execution of the project within this stretched timeframe exemplified NSDigital Consulting’s unwavering commitment to delivering timely and effective solutions, ensuring that the client’s needs were met without compromising on quality.


The collaboration between Cancercare and NSDigital Consulting resulted in a perfectly stable and modern website. By resolving the compatibility issues, the website’s crashes were eliminated, providing a seamless and reliable experience for users. Users can now navigate the website without interruption, accessing vital information and resources seamlessly as well as reinforcing the clients’ commitment to supporting cancer patients and their families.

Oncology Care in the Western Eastern Cape Cancercare South Africa
cancercare desktop scaled


The revamped website significantly improved Cancercare’s online reputation and user experience. By addressing the crashing problems and updating content, Cancercare strengthened its position as a reliable source of support for cancer patients and their families. The preservation of the original design elements also reassured visitors and maintained brand consistency during the transition.


NSDigital Consulting’s expertise in web development and design played a pivotal role in elevating Cancercare’s digital presence. The successful rebuild of the website with enhanced stability and usability demonstrates NSDigital Consulting’s ability to understand and fulfill the unique needs of their clients.

With a stable platform now in place and a commitment to adding more valuable content, Cancercare is better equipped to expand its reach and make a positive impact on the medical industry.

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