Numeric – Revamping a Non-Profit’s Web Presence

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  • Date: December 2022
  • Client: Honjiswa Mali
  • Category: Website Redesign
  • Project: Web Design
  • Collaborators: Surefire Communications

Client Overview

Numeric is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational resources and support to underprivileged students. With a mission to bridge the educational gap, Numeric has been actively engaged in empowering communities since its inception. However, the organization faced challenges in maintaining an updated and user-friendly website, leading them to seek assistance for a complete redesign.

Project Scope and Engagement

In late October 2022, Numeric took a strategic step by hiring NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications to revamp their website. The primary objectives were to address the outdated theme, enhance user experience, and migrate the website to a local Service Provider, enabling easier internal management for the client.

Execution and Deliverables

NSDigital Consulting swiftly took charge of the project, working in tandem with Surefire Communications, a creative content agency. The first phase involved conceptualizing and implementing a modern and cleaner style to elevate the website’s visual appeal. Meanwhile, Surefire Communications took responsibility for updating and enriching the content to ensure relevance and accuracy.

The collaboration between NSDigital Consulting and Surefire Communications resulted in a seamless integration of the new design and updated content. The website’s user-friendly interface now reflects Numeric’s commitment to making educational resources accessible to all. With the migration to a local Service Provider, the client gained more control over the website’s maintenance and updates, reducing their dependence on external vendors.

Project Outcome and Ongoing Progress:

By December 2022, the project was successfully completed, and the new and improved website was launched. Numeric witnessed a surge in website traffic, and user feedback was overwhelmingly positive, praising the website’s ease of navigation and fresh appearance. The revamp has significantly contributed to Numeric’s branding and credibility as a reputable non-profit organization.

In addition to the initial project objectives, the collaboration empowered Numeric to take ownership of its digital presence. As a result, the organization continues to add more content independently, showcasing their ongoing efforts and initiatives, which further enhances engagement with their audience.

Numeric before
numeric desktop scaled


The partnership between Numeric, NSDigital Consulting, and Surefire Communications demonstrated the power of collaboration in transforming an organization’s online presence. Numeric’s website now serves as an efficient platform for sharing educational resources and inspiring social change. The success of this project exemplifies the positive impact of strategic web design and content management in driving the mission of a non-profit organization.

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