AMSOL Website Revamp

As a market leader, AMSOL is the only marine solutions provider in the region that is employee and management owned, and is a catalyst for economic empowerment and shared value creation.

  • Date: December 2021
  • Client: AMSOL
  • Category: Website Redesign
  • Project: Web Design

Client Overview

AMSOL is a company in the Maritime industry with an existing but outdated WordPress website. Recognizing the need for a website refresh to align with their evolving business requirements and modernize their online presence, AMSOL decided to seek the expertise of a professional web development agency.

Client’s Needs

AMSOL required a complete website overhaul, keeping the same theme, but with significant updates to branding and content. The goal was to maintain consistency with their existing brand guidelines while ensuring the website reflected their services and industry expertise accurately.

Engagement of NSDigital Consulting

In early 2021, AMSOL partnered with NSDigital Consulting, a renowned web development and consulting firm, to tackle the project. The consultants at NSDigital Consulting thoroughly analyzed the existing website, identified areas of improvement, and formulated a comprehensive plan to meet the client’s objectives.

Project Execution

The project commenced before the beginning of July 2021 and spanned over two years, with continuous collaboration between AMSOL and NSDigital Consulting. The consultants rebuilt the website from scratch while adhering to the client’s specific brand guidelines and incorporating their feedback throughout the process. The website’s design was modernized, and the content was reworked to present information more effectively.

Project Completion and Launch

After rigorous testing and refinements, the revitalized AMSOL website was finalized and launched in August 2023. The result was a polished, user-friendly website that effectively portrayed AMSOL’s expertise in the Maritime industry, reflecting the company’s values and vision.

Client Satisfaction

AMSOL expressed great satisfaction with the new website. They noticed increased user engagement, improved brand perception, and positive feedback from their clients and partners. The revamped website successfully positioned AMSOL as a leading player in the Maritime industry.

before 1 scaled
amsol desktop scaled

Future Updates

As of the date of writing this case study, AMSOL has informed NSDigital Consulting of their intention to update the website’s design in the next few months. This decision was prompted by an organizational change in AMSOL’s business focus, and they are looking to align the website accordingly. AMSOL trusts NSDigital Consulting’s expertise and anticipates another successful collaboration for this update.


The collaboration between AMSOL and NSDigital Consulting led to the successful revitalization of AMSOL’s outdated website. The project showcased NSDigital Consulting’s ability to understand and implement the client’s vision while adhering to brand guidelines. The result was an aesthetically pleasing, informative, and user-friendly website that effectively represents AMSOL’s expertise and achievements in the Maritime industry. This case study serves as a testament to NSDigital Consulting’s capabilities in delivering comprehensive web solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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